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The Sacred Calls Chapter 1

April 27, 2017

This show is jam packed with goodies.. You all know Sacred Owl from the show, he has been with Jack and Andre for over 15 years, but did you know he does Intuitive psychic readings on the air? Well you are in for a big surprise, Sacred Owl takes phone calls on this show and does what he does best. If you would like to have a reading done on the air with Sacred Owl please visit and put in a request, you can be on the next show. Joining Jack Hammer in this show is special guest Brighton Sharbino who played Lizzie from The Walking Dead on AMC, And of course the crew has their usual fun, Andre brings us The HollyWood Hotwire and Jack hosts a round of Fact or Bullcrap and Dee-light well, lets just say she was feeling a little bit silly. Its the biggest baddest ballin number 1 rated radio show you can hear anywhere, It's The Electric Radio Show found at 

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