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Some Old Shidt An ERS Throwback Track

April 10, 2017

This is an ERS Throwback bonus track. The Electric Radio Show started out as a Morning Radio Show on an FM station just 55 miles outside of NYC. Then it was known as The Electric Morning Show. The year was 2008, J&A had a stunt guy named Mad Mike who you'll hear in this show. This is a taste of what they did on the air, how they sounded, and how they dominated the airwaves. J&A had worked in radio together for 8 years prior to this, but this is the beginning, this is "The Bad Boys of Radio" which they were often called, in NY, doing what they do. In this audio you'll hear an interview with the legendary Neil Diamond and also Stan Lee creator of Marvel Comics. This is ERS history! Welcome to 2008 with the 2 hardest working guys in the industry, this is The Electric Morning Show. Six years later in 2014 they would Syndicate this show and change the name to The Electric Radio Show. J&A are happy to share with you this piece of history, we hope you enjoy it.  Sit back and relax crank up your volume, this is how it all began.